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Pro Series 5000 XL Water Dispenser

Pro Series 5000 XL Water Dispenser

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This plastic bottleless water dispenser is compact in size and will add a beautiful touch to any home or office. Equipment available in white or black

Extra large water tanks constantly supply up to 40 people

4-stage advanced purification system. It works if the power goes out.

Never buy bottled water again: The equipment is capable of producing up to 7,200 half-liter bottles of fresh, pure, filtered water.

T304 food grade stainless steel hot and cold water tanks.

Two hot and cold temperature modes with mechanical controls

Safe for children. It has a safety lock on the hot water so you can use it without worry.

Filtration system

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Filtration stages:

< p>1) Particulate Scrubber: This filter uses a woven nanofiber and silver particulate barrier to remove sediment and elements such as lead, dirt, sand, and other particles that can cause cloudiness.< /p>

2) Chemical Scrub: This filter uses compressed free carbons that absorb chemical and pharmaceutical contaminants and remove chlorine, lead and organic contaminants, as well as eliminate odors and improve taste.

3) ULTRA Scrub (Membrane): This filter is designed to prevent the spread of germs and remove odor, bad taste, and melted colored matter from Water. Removes contaminants from water, including: microorganisms and harmful organic chemicals.

4) Polish Cleaner: This filter uses an activated carbon block, designed to prevent the spread of germs and eliminate odor, bad taste and melted colored matter in the water.


Width: 14.9 inches.

Depth: 15.35 inches.

Height: 48.81 inches.


Cold water storage: 3 GAL

Hot water storage: 1 GAL


We offer a FREE 1 year warranty on all our equipment.

We also offer 2-4 year extensions. Know the terms by entering the following link.


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  • Save money

    You are losing money using bottled water. Switch to an unlimited water source.

    Renting VS Purchasing a dispenser

    Buying water VS Buying a dispenser

  • Superior Technology

    Advanced filtration and contactless dispensing, customizable for you.

  • Eco Friendly

    Together, we eliminate countless tons of waste, mainly plastics.

  • Certified quality

    Our dispensers have been tested, approved and certified by the main standards.

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    Receive member-only discounts and earn points to redeem.

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