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Do I buy now and pay later?

Yes, we offer different options and financing offers that will adjust to your needs or economic capacity along with low or 0% interest.

Does the purchase of the equipment include the filters?

Yes, the purchase of an equipment includes a set of filters to be installed.

What filters do you need and where do I get them?

Our catalog offers sets of 3 or 4 filters, these being:

• Pre Carbon

• UF Membrane

• Post Carbon

< p>• Particles

You can get more information about them or order their replacement with us by entering the following link.


Does the equipment have a warranty?

Yes, the purchase of a dispenser includes a free 1-year warranty. In addition, we offer extended warranties from 2 to 4 years.

My equipment has problems, what do I do?

If your equipment presents a defect caused by the postal service, or a technical failure, contact us, we offer customer service 24/7 together with our team of professionals.

Still with questions?

You can use our customer service chat located in the lower right corner of your screen or send us a message by entering the link below.